Provide custom software development using our own report and query engine. Selecting tables, such as Clients and Order, will automatically create the relation between the tables. VisualRep will inherit the database referential integrity and will create the SQL statement on the fly based on the tables and fields selection. It reads client servers like: Oracle, sql server and databases such as: Ms-Access, Visual FoxPro. Frameworks like: DBCX, VPM.

The Farber Consulting Group, Inc.

The VisualRep is a query and reporting tool for developers and end users alike. It is TWO products in ONE Framework for developers allowing them to easily user from the computer desktop, or within an application. It works with sql server, Visual Foxpro, Ms-Access, Oracle, DBCX and VPM frameworks.

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We provide Visual Foxpro software development, custom applications, and web site development based on your business rules.  We perform system analysis, software testing - quality assurance and data modeling. We also deal with custom accounting, inventory control, point of sales software and provide custom made reports into your database such as: Sql Server, Oracle, Ms-Access and Visual FoxPro.

Whatever your database needs may be, we can deliver a cost-effective solution, tailored to your business rules. If your application does not perform as expected or too slow, we will find the solution to improve your company's productivity either by porting it to a different database engine or optimize the source code. We also can offer you our visual reporting tool product that works also a query engine for foxpro or visual foxpro for free tables or none.

Our offices are located in Long Island - New York, and Marlboro – New Jersey, USA


Additional Summary of our services:

Object-oriented development
ActiveX controls in Visual FoxPro
Foxpro training, vfp training, visual foxpro training
Migrating applications from FoxPro to Visual FoxPro
Visual Foxpro Error handling techniques
Multi-tier client-server applications with visual foxpro
Visual Foxpro Component-based development
Integrating Visual FoxPro and Microsoft Office
Optimizing Visual FoxPro performance
Visual FoxPro web application development
Visual foxpro Class libraries
Visual Foxpro automation servers
Application frameworks for visual foxpro
Visual FoxPro and Windows API
Report and query engine reporting tool - VisualRep

Microsoft sql server as a back end for Visual Foxpro
Oracle client server as database back end for Visual Foxpro
Converting Foxpro DOS applications to Visual Foxpro Windows, web site applications.
Develop Visual Foxpro applications

Visual FoxPro in General:

Visual Foxpro is a dynamic object oriented language that supports multiple class libraries. It provides programmable dynamic (run-time) sub-classing, and data dictionary capabilities.
Visual foxpro operates on dynamic inheritance. It instantiates classes from a library or from base classes. It can also modify and save classes - including contained objects into the class library at run time. Visual FoxPro Wizards provide UML re-engineering and code generation with Rational Rose and Microsoft visual Modeler.
Visual Foxpro tend to treat simple variables, object properties, and table fields similarly, allowing operations that include all three.

We use Visual Foxpro, sql server and Oracle as client server.

We use Visual FoxPro as the front end to Microsoft sql and Oracle client server. We also develop applications using Visual FoxPro database engine with its rush more technology.